born in Amsterdam

education: Amsterdamse Academie voor Beeldende Vorming Amsterdam

founder and boardmember of art organization STOV / Stichting voor Textiel Onderwijs en Vormgeving Amsterdam (until 1990)

boardmember and curator of art space Outline Amsterdam (until 2000)

works as a visual artist since 1992
works as a filmmaker since 2009

works and lives in Amsterdam NL

working in the animation studio
  • 2019 60 Second International Film Festival_Pakistan/“In Transit”
    International Screendance Festival Freiburg_Germany/“In Transit”
    2018 ANILOGUE International Animation Festival_Budapest_Hungary/“In Transit”
    Vo’Arte-In Shadow_Animated Films International Competition_Lisbon_Portugal/“In Transit”
    2018 DMJ International VideoDance Festival_Tokyo+Okayama+Sendai_Japan/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2018 IMZ Am Rathausplatz_Vienna_Austria/“In Transit”
    2018 Mister Vorky_International Film Festival_Serbia/“In Transit”
    2018 EYE Film Institute Netherlands_Cinedans Film Festival/“In Transit”
    2018 National Museum Muiderslot_Muiden_NL/“Hercules”
    2018 Stadsschouwburg_City Theatre_Amsterdam_NL /“Gysbreght van Aemstel”
    2017 The Amsterdam City Archives_NL_autumn 2017/“Gysbreght van Aemstel”
    2017 National Museum Muiderslot_Muiden_NL /“Gysbreght van Aemstel”
    2017 Stadsschouwburg_City Theatre_Amsterdam_NL/“Gysbreght van Aemstel”
    2016 In Shadow Festival_Animation Film International Competition_Lisbon_Portugal/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2016 Bucharest International Dance Film Festival_Romania/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2016 Minikino Shortfilm Festival_Bali_Indonesia/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2016 DMJ International VideoDance Festival_Matsuyama+Kobe_Japan/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2016 EYE Film Institute Netherlands_Cinedans Film Festival/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2015 DMJ International VideoDance Festival_Tokyo_Japan/“Afterlife’s Dance”
    2015 DMJ International VideoDance Festival_Matsuyama_Japan/“Duet”
    2015 Art Area_Osaka_Japan/“Duet”
    2014 International Dance Film Festival_Bucharest_Romania/“Duet”
    2014 Cinematheatre Lumiere_Maastricht_NL_Dutch Dance Festival/“Duet”
    2014 DMJ International VideoDance Festival_Tokyo_Japan/“Duet”
    2014 POOL Internationale TanzFilmPlattform_Berlin_Germany/“Duet”
    2014 Cinematheatre De Gouvernestraat_Rotterdam_NL/“Duet”
    2014 SinemaDansAnkara Film Festival_Ankara_Turkey /“Duet”
    2014 De Nieuwe Anita_Amsterdam_NL/“Duet”
    2014 EYE Film Institute Netherlands_Cinedans Film Festival/“Duet”
    2013 Cinematheatre Lumiere_Maastricht_NL_Dutch Dance Festival/“Stone Dance”
    2013 EYE Film Institute Netherlands_Cinedans Film Festival/“Stone Dance”
    2011 Filmtheater LUX_Nijmegen_NL/“The Anonymous City”
    2011 Filmfestival “Dancing in the dark”_ Malmö_Sweden/“Trapped in the City”
    2011 Nederlandse Dans Dagen / Dutch Dance Festival_Maastricht_NL/“Trapped in the City”
    2011 Dance in Focus Festival_Bowdoin College_Brunswick Maine_USA/“The dark corner”
    2011 Tanz Nite_Oper Graz_Austria/“The dark corner”
    2011 American College Dance Festival_Keene State College_New Hampshire_USA/“The dark corner”
    2010 Bosch Kunstruimte_Arnhem_NL/“Stick Around” 
    2010 Cinedans International Moving Media Festival_IMZ Austria_Amsterdam_NL/“The dark corner”
    2010 artproject “Punt”_Dijkgraafplein_Amsterdam_NL (outdoors in public space)/“Walled in”
    2010 literary Festival “de Wintertuin”_Nijmegen_NL/“Stick Around” 

  • 2018 Transit/Onderweg_Loods 6/Bagagehal/KNSM_Amsterdam (film and installation)
    2018 NDSM-Fuse_NDSM_Amsterdam (installation)
    2018 Het Depot_Amsterdam_NL (installation)
    2017 Kunsthal45_project “Werk aan de Winkel”_Den Helder_NL (installation)
    2016 Mapping_internet project_aquariumcompagnie_FR
    2015 De Slatuinen_Amsterdam_NL (installation)
    2014 Fort Edam_NL (installation)
    2013 Marion Art Gallery_State University of New York_USA (video / installations)
    2013 Bellamy Etalages Stichting BEP_Amsterdam_NL (installation)
    2012 1aspace_Hong Kong (video_photographs)
    2012 Kunsttraject Staatsliedenbuurt_Amsterdam_NL (installation)
    2012 Kunstencentrum De Kunstlinie_Almere_NL (video)
    2010 7. Berliner Kunstsalon_Art Fair_Berlin_DE (video)
    2010 Julidans_Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam_NL (solo) (video installation)
    2010 Alte Feuerwache projektraum_Berlin_DE (video)
    2010 Gallery Exhibeo_Berlin_DE (duo with Thea Jentjens) (video / paintings)
    2009 Gallery Inkijk_subwaystation Waterlooplein_Amsterdam_NL (solo) (installation)
    2008 Crossfire Project Base_Amsterdam_NL (in situ) (solo) (installation)
    2007 VanNelleFabriek_Rotterdam_NL (installation_project with ConnyJanssenDanst_SoHereWeAre)
    2006 Schloss Burgau_Duren_DE
    2006 Kommensienachhause 7_Cologne_DE/Frankfurt_DE / Beiroet _ LB
    2005 No Schmuck_Amsterdam_NL
    2005 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam_Amsterdam_NL (Bacon project with Nanine Linning)
    2004 Anatomisches Institut_Cologne_DE (in situ) (installation)
    2003 Kommensienachhause 5_Chicago_USA
    2002 Kentler International Drawing Space_Brooklyn New York_USA
    2002 Lawrence Mills Gallery_Central College of Iowa_USA (solo) (installation)
    2001 Gallery Kunstkeizer_Amsterdam_NL (solo) (paintings)
    2001 Gallery Kunstkeizer_Amsterdam_NL (paintings)
    2001 ArToll Labor_Bedburg Hau_DE (in situ) (installation)
    2000 Outline_Amsterdam_NL
    1999 Outline_Amsterdam_NL (solo) (installation)
    1998 KunstRAI_Amsterdam_NL (solo presentation_Gallery Witt) (paintings/drawings)
    1998 Gallery Witt_Dordrecht_NL (solo) (paintings/drawings)
    1998 Gallery Ronkes Agerbeek_Den Haag_NL (paintings/drawings)
    1997 Gallery Ronkes Agerbeek_Den Haag_NL (solo) (paintings/drawings)
    1997 Gallery Ronkes Agerbeek_Den Haag_NL (paintings/drawings)

  • 2018 “Transit”_Loods 6/Bagagehal/KNSM_Amsterdam_NL
    2018 “Monument to Past History”_NDSM-Fuse_Amsterdam_NL
    2018 “Behind the Wall”_Het Depot_Amsterdam_NL
    2017 “The sky is the limit”_Den Helder_NL
    2015 “In afwachting van het groeiende gras”_De Slatuinen _Amsterdam _NL
    2015 “Misdaad en Mensch” 3 installations_ former vicarage _prisonvillage Veenhuizen_NL
    2014 “Killing Time”_Fort Edam _Edam _NL
    2012 “A Walk around the Block…”_Kunsttraject _Staatsliedenbuurt Amsterdam _NL
    2010 “On Two Square meters”_Julidans_Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam_NL
    2009 “While we are waiting…”_subwaystation Waterlooplein_Amsterdam _NL
    2008 “Shadowlands”_ former warehouse Wilhelmina_Amsterdam _NL
    2007 “SoHereWeAre”_ former coffeefactory VanNelleFabriek_Rotterdam _NL
    2004 “Totentanz”_Anatomical Institute_Cologne_DE
    2003 “Floating Figures”_rodeo site_New Mexico_USA
    2002 “Frozen Gestures”_Lawrence Mills Gallery_Iowa_USA
    2001 “Aufgereiht”_Rheinischen Kliniken_Bed Burg Hau_DE
    1999 “De afgeknipte schaduw”_Burgerziekenhuis_Amsterdam_NL

  • animation and mixed techniques

    2019 “Dancing on a Vulcano”_HD_4:40 min._stop-motion animation
    “In Transit”_HD_1:12 min._stop-motion animation
    2018 “Hercules”_HD_3:00 min._stop-motion animation_loop
    2017 “Gysbreght van Aemstel”_HD_13:00 min._stop-motion animation
    2016 “Genius Loci/Farewell”_HD_4:00 min._stop-motion animation
    2015 “Afterlife’s Dance”_HD_2:39 min.
    2013 “DUET”_HD_2:33 min.
    2012 “Stone Dance”_HD_ 2:03 min.
    2012 “The moon overhead”_HD_2:27 min.
    2011 “The Anonymous City”_HD_11:05 min.
    2011 “Trapped in the City”_HD_1:00 min.
    2010 “Stick Around”/”Blijf in de buurt”_HD_5:03 min.
    2010 “The Dark Corner”_HD_1:52 min.
    2010 “On Two Square Meters”_HD_7:08 min. loop
    2009-2011 “Blocked Off”_HD_5:05 min.
    2009-2011 “Walled In”_HD_3:50 min.

  • 2017 Kunsthal45_Den Helder_NL
    2015 Roman Catholic Presbytery in a prison village_Veenhuizen_NL
    2009 Takt Kunstprojektraum_Berlin_DE
    2004 Anatomisches Institut_Cologne_DE
    2002 Central College of Iowa_Pella_USA
    2001 Artoll Labor_Bedburg Hau_DE 

  • 2013 State University of New York_Fredonia_USA
    2007 University of Southern Indiana_Evansville_USA
    2002 Central College of Iowa_Pella_USA

  • 2016 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst_
    animationfilm “Gysbreght van Aemstel”_Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam_NL
    2010 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst_
    video installation during Julidans Festival 2010_Amsterdam_NL
    2009 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst_Stichting Polderlicht_
    installation Gallery Inkijk subwaystation Waterlooplein_Amsterdam_NL

  • The visual work of Amsterdam based artist Jacqueline Kooter is about both the strength and the vulnerability of the human body and about the complexity of human relations. Saying goodbye as a theme often plays a role in her work; saying goodbye to each other and to life itself.

    She is specialized in making site-specific installations and in the production of meticulously made, short (animation) films. In these films she creates an imaginary world in paper and paint, where (human) figures are moving around; sometimes real people and sometimes cut out paper figures. They move in real time and/or by stop motion.

    On several projects she has been working together with the Rotterdam based contemporary dance-company Conny Janssen Danst. 

    She prefers to work with paper and paint, both in the installations and in the films.

    Jacqueline Kooter holds a Master in artistic education and exhibited in Europe, the USA and Hong Kong. 
    Her films have been screened at multiple international (dance- and short-) film festivals in Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan.