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 *From August 20. 2023 until October 8. 2023 a new installation, the film “Wereldlandschap” and new drawings will be exhibited at the exhibition “Extended Photography” at Kunsthal 45_Den Helder

*From December 12. 2022 until March 10. 2023 my video “Wereldlandschap” will by screenend during the Video Biënnale Van der Helstplein_Amsterdam_NL

*From September 17. 2022 until December 4. 2022 the video “World Reset” will be screened at Museum Fundatie_Zwolle_NL
(a diptych with visual artist Jaap de Ruig)

*From August 28. 2022 until the end of 2023 there will be a new installation on display at Kunsthal 45_Den Helder_NL

*my film “In Transit” will be screened in public space in Tilburg 07/01/2022 – 18/02/2022  _ Between You & Me_digital platform for video art_”Walking Down Memory Lane”, a selection from 12 years screening on this platform

*in October 2021 a new film (a diptych with visual artist Jaap de Ruig) will be on display in Art Gallery PlayRoom_Zaandam_NL 

*from July 3 until August 1, 2021 my new installation “Drasland” (wetland) has been on display in Arti et Amicitiae_Amsterdam_NL

*in February_April 2021 there will be a window display of “In Transit”_ Kunsttraject, Staatsliedenbuurt, Amsterdam

*my film “Dancing on a Volcano” has been selected for screening  in Eye Film Institute Amsterdam during the International Cinedans Film Festival 2021

*my film “Dancing on a Volcano” has premiered during the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht_NL on October 4. 2020

*my film “In Transit” has been screened in public space in Tilburg 10/08/20 – 21/09/20  _ Between You & Me_digital platform for video art

*my short film “Wereldlandschap” has been on display in the art exhibition “Lucas Gassel Revisited” in the Cacaofabriek_Helmond_until August 9. 2020

*I recently finished the short film Faded for the exhibition Lands End?  
on display from October-December 2019 in Kunsthal 45_Den Helder_NL

*I finished a new stop motion animation film:
“Dancing on a Volcano”

*my animationfilm ‘In Transit’ has been screened at:
“the best of 10 years animated films”_Vo’Arte_Lisbon_Portugal
60 Second International Film Festival_Pakistan/2019
International Screendance Festival Freiburg_Germany
Eye Film Institute Amsterdam_Cinedans
film festivals in Serbia, Austria, Hungary and Portugal

*my short film “Afterlife’s Dance” has been screened in Tokyo, Okayama and Sendai/2018

*I exhibited two installations:
“Monument to Past History” at NDSM-Fuse_Amsterdam_September 2018
“Transit” at KNSM Bagagehal_Amsterdam_September 2018

*my animationfilm ‘Hercules’ has been screened at the National Museum Muiderslot
January until April 2018
this film is commissioned by the National Museum Muiderslot

*my animationfilm “Gysbreght van Aemstel” has been screened at:
-Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam_December-January 2017-2018
-autumn 2017_The Amsterdam City Archives _ August and November-December 2017
-summer 2017_ the National Museum Muiderslot _ June-September 2017
this film is supported by The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts