World Reset


The film “World Reset” is a tribute to Alice Guy Blaché (France 1873- USA 1968), the first female film pioneer and film director in history. She made her first film in 1896 and her last around 1920. 

Among the estimated 700 short films she directed, produced and/or wrote (most of which have been lost, except for about 76 pieces), is also the film “Falling Leaves” from 1912.

My video is a retelling of the 1912 film “Falling Leaves” by Alice Guy-Blaché.  In my video, a woman performs a naïve but moving act in an absurd attempt to repair the overcrowded and therefore vulnerable world.

Visual artist and filmmaker Jaap de Ruig concluded from my video that ’the man’ is busy demolishing nature through his ruthless overactivity. In his response, he shows that men are just beasts, who return to earth over time and can then innocently sprout new life.

The result is a video diptych.


HD video diptych / 2 min. 29 sec.


PlayRoom Art Gallery_Zaandam_NL_October 2021

stop motion animation