installation for Arti et Amicitiae_Amsterdam_NL

The spectator is in an area with strange crops over which an image of aqueous substance is projected. 

The whole sphere is marshy and dystopian in nature as in the two films that are also part of the installation. 

What’s in store for us?

material: paper, mirrors, projection, film

measurements total installation:  
6 meters x 7 meters

photo’s 1,2,3 : Maarten Nauw

Drasland_installatie_Jacqueline Kooter_1
Drasland_installatie_Jacqueline Kooter_detail2
Drasland_installatie_Jacqueline Kooter_detail1
bezoeker bij installatie Drasland_Jacqueline Kooter
_MG_2189_Drasland DEF2