Monument to the Past

installation for NDSM-Fuse_Amsterdam_NL

Vulnerability  and monumentality go hand in hand in this installation.
The installation is made out of hand-painted paper, in which a half-round is split by a plain. 
These forms might evoke associations with a hull in the water or a skate-site, both former functions of this space (shipyard and indoor skate-site).

The history of the NDSM site (Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company) goes  back to 1894.
In 1946 three former shipyards merged together, creating the NDSM. In 1984 the yard closed her doors. This space was transformed into an indoor skate-site.
For this occasion it is an exhibition space with a rich history. 

material: paper, paint, woodenframe

width  : 7 meters
height : 4 meters

Monument to the Past
Monument to the Past
NDSM 3 klein